Connect, Communicate, Grow

A Workshop on Autism with Autism International Director Sean Fitzgerald
Essential tools to help you boost your child's interaction, affection and communication.

Parents' Testimonials

Inspirational! Sean was knowledgeable, relaxed, clear, friendly, and happy to answer a lot of questions from the audience. He gave excellent advice; practical and easy to follow.
Heather Oliver, Ashley 2
Through the Sean Fitzgerald’s help and guidance – here we are today, a happy family! Out of the depths of despair and worry for our special child’s future – we achieved a miracle! A boy who is interacting with us and HIS friends. A boy who is fully engaged in his environment. A boy who was non verbal at 3 and now has age appropriate language and expressive skills. A boy who entered mainstream school and surprised his teachers. As I join other mum’s on the soccer field watching my son play, I am grateful for the path that led me to you Sean!
Irini & Ari Katsogiannis, proud parents, Evan 9 & Lucas 6
Your seminar has been life changing, it’s completely shifted my focus away from behaviour and onto the better aspects of being a parent, like playing and having fun. I thought I was a good Mother before, but now I’m a kick-ass mother and my house has never been so happy.
Jacquelyn Holmes, Noah, ASD
The most valuable seminar we have attended.
Catherine Hayden, Ned 12, ASD & DD
Mindblowing! An eye opener for me.
Lloyd McDonald, Sophia and Olivia 5, twins with ASD
Very informative and has greatly expanded my knowledge on autism and how to work with Felicity in a positive and dynamic way.
Mena Johnson, Volunteer with Felicity 9, ASD
Very inspiring and challenging for me to re-evaluate my approach and challenge my belief systems.
Kylie Jones, Teacher to children with ASD
A great Introduction to Autism International and a great motivation to work with and help my son.
Geoff McKenna, Jed 6, ASD
It has opened my eyes to the real possibilities that are available for my son.
Ken Yazici, Adam, 3, ASD
Fantastic! I would recommend it to any parent with a child with a disability.
Mari Osenaris, Joshua, 10 Autism
Great way to kick off a program! Truly inspiring.
Dan Hayden, Ned 8, ASD & GDD
Absolutely fantastic! Full of useful and helpful information.
Nilissa Baynton, Sophia and Olivia, 5 yr old ASD twins


Connect, Communicate, Grow

Essential tools to help you boost your child's interaction, affection and communication.

A Workshop on Autism

with Sean Fitzgerald
Autism International Director

16, 17, 18 September, 2016

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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24, 25 September, 2016

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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How to improve Social Interaction.

Sean Fitzgerald explains how to increase your child with autism's level of social interaction.

What People are saying about Autism International

An child centered approach to treating autism

Understanding how children with autism develop in comparison to typically developing children enables us to identify core areas of strength and challenge so we can design a powerful and focused social educational curriculum.

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Happy to cry: how Oscar beat the odds

ZSUZSANNA and Gordon Hays have a message of hope for parents of autistic children. The Nedlands couple say Sean Fitzgerald's training has had a remarkable effect on their four-year-old son Oscar.

"Within two weeks of working with Sean he was toilet trained, which was amazing," Mrs Hay said.

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