Connect, Communicate, Grow

A Workshop on Autism with Autism International Director Sean Fitzgerald
Essential tools to help you boost your child's interaction, affection and communication.

Autism Specialist Sean Fitzgerald

Sean Fitzgerald of Autism InternationalAutism Specialist Sean Fitzgerald is passionate about helping children with ASD. He has taught thousands of parents and professionals, in over a dozen different countries.

Prior to his independent work with Autism International, Autism Specialist Sean Fitzgerald was a senior teacher and Assistant Director of the Autism Treatment Center of America™ before moving on to found Autism International.

At Autism International, Sean offers regular seminars as well as individual tailored guidance for families via phone, video consultations, and in-home outreaches.

Sean Fitzgerald has taught seminars for thousands of families and professionals in over a dozen countries worldwide. He was a featured presenter at the SAAIF Autism Conference , Beyond Early Intervention – A Journey into the Life Spectrum Of Autism, and a presenter at the Mindd International Forum . Sean is the author of , “The Playbook: A Guide for Playing and Interacting with Children with ASD.” In addition to teaching groups Sean works individually with families and children with ASD via phone consultations, video-feedbacks and In-Home Outreaches.

“Sean is an amazing person. Full of life. So kind and giving. Thank you for being who you are. I don’t think that you realize what you are doing and how helpful you are to us families.”
Helen (and Andrew, 3, ASD)


Connect, Communicate, Grow

Essential tools to help you boost your child's interaction, affection and communication.

A Workshop on Autism

with Sean Fitzgerald
Autism International Director

16, 17, 18 September, 2016

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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24, 25 September, 2016

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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How to improve Social Interaction.

Sean Fitzgerald explains how to increase your child with autism's level of social interaction.

What People are saying about Autism International

An child centered approach to treating autism

Understanding how children with autism develop in comparison to typically developing children enables us to identify core areas of strength and challenge so we can design a powerful and focused social educational curriculum.

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Happy to cry: how Oscar beat the odds

ZSUZSANNA and Gordon Hays have a message of hope for parents of autistic children. The Nedlands couple say Sean Fitzgerald's training has had a remarkable effect on their four-year-old son Oscar.

"Within two weeks of working with Sean he was toilet trained, which was amazing," Mrs Hay said.

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